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Labor Day 2017 - Emily (Age of Huge) by CaptainCapitalism
Mature content
Labor Day 2017 - Emily (Age of Huge) :iconcaptaincapitalism:CaptainCapitalism 597 36
Mature content
The Pregnant Woman Chapter 1 :iconyugimaster:yugimaster 21 2
Rita Oliveira the pregnant fitness model by Silverstar1976
Mature content
Rita Oliveira the pregnant fitness model :iconsilverstar1976:Silverstar1976 227 12
Interactive Pregnant Ariana by Barn-flakes
Mature content
Interactive Pregnant Ariana :iconbarn-flakes:Barn-flakes 519 260
Interactive Pregnant Patricia by Barn-flakes
Mature content
Interactive Pregnant Patricia :iconbarn-flakes:Barn-flakes 626 490
Mira's Night Out
It is a warm spring day in the city of Kiev. A dark overcast hung high above the city. Rain poured and poured throughout the hours of the day. Slavic merchants continued to maintain their stalls in the town center while church bells chime alongside the falling rain. Beyond those looking to buy the essentials and those off to places of worship, the streets are dead. Most citizens are at their homes staying dry but some are out on more nefarious business. Here we find our crimson cloaked and hopelessly pregnant heroine, Mira, making her way to one of the local taverns.
Mira is wearing a simple, dark red cloak. The large hood is up and obscures her face. Her cloak is wrapped around her body. Its thick material makes it hard to discern her condition. Reaching the tavern, Mira knocks twice then opens the main doors. There is no one inside save for the bartender and two individuals seated at the upper balcony of the bar. Mira nods to the bartender before slowly ascending the stairs. This is
:iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 30 3
Beached: the original
The pain. Her body was ripping apart. She lay on the beach next to her home. Her eyes slowly closed as the sun peeked over the horizon.
He had walked this beach behind his home every morning.  In his 20s. Nicely built with chocolate brown eyes. The sun had risen enough to light his way, but it was still a bit cold. The waves lapped at his feet as the last of the nocturnal crabs scurry to their holes.
Although he had always walked the same path, his eyes always roamed the beaches searching for something. He surveyed the beach ahead and spotted something.
"An animal?" He hurried his pace. "No, not an animal." He broke into a run as the sun revealed the pink flesh of a young girl.
She was lying on the beach with her back to him. Her tangled hair stuck to her skin in cords. She wore nothing.
"Hello?" He called as he got closer. "Oh god." He knelt beside her. "Hello?!"
She opened her eyes to a squint for a moment. They were as blue as the ocean itself. He hastily gathered
:iconolympic-dames:Olympic-Dames 71 22
Katara's New Technique
Katara was walking through the town getting stares from the people that passed her. She looks at them and then down on her belly. Her exposed belly was bulging out like she was pregnant with seven babies, but that’s not the case. “I didn’t think it would attract this much attention.” she thought to herself as more stares were on her.
Katara walks into an alleyway out of sight from the townsfolk. She sits down and leans against the wall with a sigh. She pokes her belly and watches it jiggle in response. She smiles to herself. “Well, although it may cause people to look at me funny, I still developed a useful technique.” she says cheerfully.
What happened was Katara discovered a new technique that she has been practicing secretly. It was a technique that allowed Katara to store large amounts of water in her belly as if it were a sack. It was a bit troublesome, but far more efficient that using that small sack she always carries around. Katara remembers how s
:iconsplitimpact:splitimpact 103 108
Papers, Please.
The dented cone on top of the squat concrete bunker spat the command with a hiss of static. The lights either side of the door flicked from red to green and in lockstep the line shuffled a single pace forward. Guards in fur-flapped hats and thick olive green coats shuffled their grip on relics of guns, churned out in their thousands and used until they fell apart they had the misfortune of being one of the few things in this world with any semblance of reliability.
Razor wire lined the wall, the bunker forming the only gap in it. Dogs circled on chain link leashes, sniffing for bombs, sniffing for fear.
Through the heavy door they stepped, like an airlock, the membrane that would either admit them or curse them to never see what lay beyond that dreadful wall.
It was her turn. In she went.
She approaches the counter, the heavy rolling steel shutter poised above like a guillotine.
"Papers please."
She looks through the screen, the thick bullet proof glass, and sta
:iconfudgepops:Fudgepops 154 36
Spread the Joy
“Will!!!” Came crying out from down stairs, and was answered with the typical teen rolling eyes and reply from up the stairs. “What?!” .
“Package for you!!” was a reply the young red head didn’t expect. She immediately dropped her pencil, discarded her home work and rushed down the steps just as her mom left the room.
“Huh…I didn’t order anything…” She picked up the package and noticed it was rather heavy for something so small…
Shrugging, she hurried back up stairs to see what she got in private. Taking a moment to pick up her schoolbooks, and tossed them onto her bed. She immediately turned her attention back to the desk. She slid the package onto her desk and sat down, looking at it for a moment. At first, eying it suspiciously.
“Hmm…” she muttered, tapping her foot against the leg of her chair.
With another shrug, she pulled out her scissors and started cutting the tape that sealed her surprise. Her dis
:iconmr-jolted:Mr-Jolted 584 53
Before and after by Fratzj Before and after :iconfratzj:Fratzj 410 5 Maternal Menagerie Part 1 Completed by gravis9
Mature content
Maternal Menagerie Part 1 Completed :icongravis9:gravis9 84 32
Cerredi Boob Grow02 by RoboGoGoRobo
Mature content
Cerredi Boob Grow02 :iconrobogogorobo:RoboGoGoRobo 5,948 786
A New Beginning (Month 1)
Julie felt the pill fall down her throat.  “How are you feeling, Ms. Dawson?”  asked Mr. White.  A wave of nausea slammed Julie just after the question was asked.  The two mysterious men saw her face grow pale.  
“I think I’m gonna...” she trailed, covering her mouth.  Mr. Black grabbed the nearby trash bin and gave it to her.  Julie emptied the contents of her stomach and wiped her mouth.
“Well, the pill seems to be working so far.”  said Mr. White.  “Me getting sick means that it’s working?  That’s great...” Julie said sarcastically.  
“I wouldn’t worry about that too much.  It should only last a month or two.” said Mr. Black.  
“Two months of vomiting sounds like a blast...” she said, before retching again.  After a few minutes, they made sure Julie was able to go.
“It would probably be best if you went home and g
:iconchrish6:chrish6 66 3
Mature content
Dream Girl Ch1 - Meeting of a Lifetime :icononlineperson12:Onlineperson12 49 9
Mature content
The Curse of Life :iconrissaangel:rissaangel 172 4


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